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“The beauty ritual that will save you time in the morning and have your skin feeling hydrated all day.”

– Sarah Thiessen

Our Mission

Prairie Silk

A skin care line to honour and reveal the natural beauty of your body.

The sun comes up on a spring day and warms your skin. Your skin meets the world, expresses your joy when you blush, and receives a kiss. Its softness is among the gifts of nature, like the petals of a flower. That is the quality of Prairie Silk.

Yet winter takes a tool. Prairie Silk Skin Care offers the purity and power of nature, while caring for our skin. Quality ingredients and a balanced formula give your face and hands the nourishment they need as age and strong winds work against them. With Sesamum Indicium cold pressed and locally made, the formula is primed for people attuned to the finest, who know it when they feel it.

We are so pleased to offer a skin care solution that enriches, cleanses, and rejuvenates. Try a tad in the palm of your hand. You will love it.

Our Promise

Is to offer a balm to the skin that is as soft and clean as your skin was born to be. Free of damaging chemicals, and full of the nourishment your skin loves

Our Purpose

Is to contribute something pure and beautiful to this world. For us it is a quality skincare line that feels and smells wonderful – something small, but we believe, significant.

Body Moisturizer


Dry Brush


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Sesame Indicium

The main ingredient in the body moisturizer is black sesame oil. Black Sesame Oil is extracted from the seeds of Sesamum Indicum through cold pressing method.

Known to be one of the oldest Oilseed crops.

It is deemed Queen of all Oils.

Unrefined Black Sesame Carrier Oil is derived from the unpeeled seeds, and is rich in essential fatty acids. It is rich in Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleic and Stearic acid, that all play a significant role in hydrating skin cells and makes it an effective moisturizer. It is filled with antioxidants and vitamins that helps protect skin against Sun rays and UV damage. It also fights free radicals, that damage skin cell membranes, cause dulling and darkening of skin. With its nourishing quality, it is a potential treatment for skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis and others.

Black Sesame Oil is mild in nature and suitable for all skin types.

No chemicals or preservatives are added to the organic Sesame oil. They are deodorized in order to make them suitable for use in cosmetics using a mechanical process which is chemical free and helps retain nutritional value of the plant



Black Sesame oil is rich in Oleic, Palmitic and Linoleic acid, that hydrates skin and nourishes it deeply. It works as a natural moisturizer for skin, and keeps skin nourished for longer time periods. It gets easily absorbed in the skin and locks moisture inside the tissues. And with the help of Vitamins, it forms a protective layer on skin and prevents moisture loss as well.

Healthy Ageing

Black Sesame oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, that fight off the damaging free radicals. These free radicals are the reason for dulling, damaging and premature ageing of skin. Antioxidants restrict their activity, and reduce the appearance of dull skin, it has a special antioxidant called Sesamol, that reduces the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and basically all signs of premature ageing.


Black Sesame Oil is antibacterial in nature; it fights off the acne causing bacteria and reduce the appearance of pimples. It also has Stearic acid, that clears out pores and removes the extra oil, dirt and pollutants accumulated in the pores. Black Sesame Seed oil nourishes skin tissues and gives brain signal to stop producing excess sebum or oil. It balances oil production in the skin and maintains a healthy skin type.

Prevents Skin Infection

Black Sesame oil is highly nourishing oil; it penetrates skin layers deeply and prevent roughness and dryness of skin. It also has antifungal and antibacterial qualities, that fights off the infection causing bacteria and prevents skin against various issues. It makes skin moisturized and smooth, and leaves a thin layer of oil on skin.

How to Use:

Dry Brushing

In the morning,

Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow.

When you exfoliate the dead skin cells it can help stimulate new cell growth. Leaving your body looking smoother and more polished.

Dry brushing should be completed about 1-2 times a week or more, depending how sensitive your skin is.

Prairie Silk’s Dry Brush is made out of boar bristles which are attached to a natural wood handle.

* Not suitable for all skin types. Exfoliating with the dry brush too often may cause redness and irritation.

Body Moisturizer can be applied without Dry Brushing.

Step 1

Dry Brushing

Exfoliate dead skin cells to stimulate new cell growth.

Once Dry Brushing is completed, if doing optional step one, generously apply Prairie Silk Sunrise Body Moisturizer all over your body excluding soles of your feet, private areas and face.

Allow your skin to soak in all of the enriched vitamins and nutrients that the Sesame Indicum has to offer. I recommend allowing it to soak in your skin for a minimum of 5 minutes.

While the Sunrise body moisturizer is nourishing your skin allow your body to awaken from the aroma of black sesame oil, a nutty smell, and a beautiful blend of citrus essential oils.

Prairie Silk Sunrise Body Moisturizer

Step 2


Generously apply the moisturizer all over your body.

Rinse & Dry

Prairie Silk

Final Step,

Carefully step into your shower and allow the water to rinse the Sunrise Body Moisturizer off your skin.

Your skin is now cleansed and detoxified.

Carefully step out of your shower and gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Your skin is now moisturized.

Morning ritual complete!

Step 3

Rinse & Dry

Allow the water to rinse the moisturizer off your skin.

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