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Common questions about lashing

Do Eyelash Extensions hurt?

Eyelash extensions should never hurt when applied properly. It is extremely important to go to a lash artist who is trained by a reputable course, that uses high quality lash supplies and is very knowledgeable in the lash industry.

How long do Lash Extensions Last?

The retention for lash extensions depends on a number of things. Proper aftercare, proper isolation, proper placement, high quality products and your lash growth cycles. Your extensions should naturally shed with your natural lash. Fills are required to maintain the extensions every 2-3 weeks.

What does "Lash Retention" mean?

When a lash artist used the word “Lash Rentention”  they are talking about how long your extensions will last on your natural lashes before they shed or fall off. Remember, everyone’s lash growth cycle is unique, which means you may need fills booked closer together if you have a fast lash growth cycle. Depending on the aftercare and proper placement can also affect retention. If you have less than 40% retention it is required that you book in for a new set. 

What can affect the lash retention?

There is a number of things that can affect the lash retention. Retention is a team effort between the lash artist and client. 

Client Care:

1. No Mascara- unless recommended a lash extension safe mascara. Please keep in mind that extensions are meant to replace mascara. If you are finding you still want to layer on mascara you may want to talk to your lash artist of what can be changed without affecting the integrity of you natural lashes.

2. Sweating/ Oily Skin- Build up of sweat and oil on the extensions can break down the adhesive used to apply to extensions. 

3. Picking and Pulling Extension- Picking and Pulling is a huge no no! Do not touch your extensions with your fingers, as there are natural oils, and do not pick and pull as this can cause premature damage to the natural lash hair follicle. Please contact your lash artist if you have something bothering you.

4. Sleep Position- Try your best to protect your investment by not sleeping on your stomach or side. Sleeping on your back has many benefits

5. Not cleansing with recommended cleanser 1-2 times a day- Please cleanse your luxury investment to get the most out of your purchase. Cleanse them 2 times a day if possible, but for sure at least once a day using the recommended cleanser. DO NOT USE BABY SHAMPOO. 

Lash Artist Care

1. Replacing the adhesive dot during your appointment. Depending on humidity and temperature. The adhesive dot should be refreshed every 10-20 minutes during your session, 

 2. Replacing Adhesive every 3-4 weeks once opened.

3. Storing the adhesive bottle in a cool dry place, upright and sealed in container with rice or a silica package.

4. Placement of extension to natural lash. 

5. Giving you proper after care instructions. 


Lash retention is a team effort between the client and lash artist. Make sure your communication is clear with each other. Understand your commitment to each other to get the best out of their investment in luxury lashes. 


Should I still wait 24-48 hours to get my lashes wet?

NO! Be mindful of not going swimming right away. You do not have to wait 24-48 hours to get your extensions wet IF CURED PROPERLY BY LASH ARTIST. Once your lash service is completed your lash artist should be fanning each eye for a minimum of 60 seconds per eye and following it with a gentle quick mist from a nano mister. If your eyes are burning after application please inform your lash artist, this means there is some adhesive that is not cured. 

Please do not be afriad to communicate with your lash artist. Please do not wait the 24-48 hours, you can cleanse your lash extensions 4-6 hours after application. 



Do Lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Damage should not occur if applied safely and properly by a lash artist. Damage should not occur if your client is compliant and does not pick and pull or sleep on face. When lash extensions are applied properly they do not damage the natural lash. 

Can I wear makeup with my lash extensions?

We prefer you do not wear makeup with your lash extensions unless it is for a special occasion, please contact your lash artist to ask what makeup is not suitable for lash extensions, Example: Water-proof anything around is a huge NO NO!

How long do Lash lift and tints last?

If lash lift after care is done properly, your lash lift will last about 6-8 weeks depending on your natural lash growth cycle.