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What is TrueBrow™?

TrueBrow™ is the world’s first, world-class brow design and restoration in-salon program. Our main goal is to #savethenaturalbrow at all costs and even more importantly, design it to perfection.

We believe every woman worldwide interested in her natural brow deserves to experience the fullness, the potential of her natural brow, whether she believes it can be done or not. That’s our job… Some want them to grow back, others want them to be beautifully designed. Either way, they all know they need and want a true specialist who has been specifically trained in the natural brow; is devoted to saving them.

We are rare, TrueBrow™ Specialists, but we work vigilantly and have to date, as a community of brow specialists, saved over 1.3 million brows worldwide.

The most common statement we hear is… But my brows don’t grow.

In the kind, caring and deeply knowledgeable hands of a TrueBrow™ Specialist, trained to work specifically with the natural brow, we more often than not prove this to be an untrue statement.

When it comes to their brows, our clients love being wrong. Let me show you/send you some before and afters. TrueBrow™ has the largest archive of natural brow before and afters in the world.

Client Examples